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Landmark Log Homes In the News

Horse-loving homeowners build a wood-filled cabin in the the North Carolina mountains. This article highlights the Whittier model and shows the details Lawrence Smith put into this home as the owner and builder.

Happy Trails article in LOG HOME LIVING (SEPTEMBER 2011)

Landmark’s log home system struck a cord that Ken Hecker could go along with. Landmark's wall system blends half logs with standard stick framing and dovetail corner notching for an authentic look, says Ken. Leon and Lisa York then took us on a tour of their own log home, which sold us on the hybrid log home idea.

Worth the Wait feature article in COUNTRY'S BEST LOG HOMES (SEPTEMBER 2008).

"Unlike the original log cabin, the new structure provides modern solutions to energy efficiency and cutting edge architectural design. Landmark's philosophy empahsizes a "hybrid" design - using the common-sense approach of a stick-built home combined with log and timber features"

Old World Style feature article in COUNTRY'S BEST LOG HOMES (MARCH 2007).


Building Styles: "There isn’t a home builder alive who hasn’t wrestled with challenges on the job site, only to think, “There’s got to be a better way to do this.” As common as that refrain is, few builders actually turn that yearning for a better way to build into a new system of construction."


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