green bug repellent

Outlast Q8 Log Oil

Outlast Q8 Log Oil: an EPA registered wood CTA Q8preservative specifically designed to control decay causing organisms in log homes and on wood siding. It is a non-film forming exterior treatment that will never crack or peel. The solution penetrates into the wood to provide protection, not just on the surface, but also deep into the wood cell structure.


  • Controls rot, decay, fungi and mold
  • Toxic to termites and powder post beetles
  • Superior water repellency
  • Controls cracking and splitting
  • Meets all Federal, State, and Local VOC requirements
  • Tintable with oil dispersible pigments and many
    universal pigments
  • Beautiful translucent colors
  • One coat coverage
  • Trans-oxide pigments for maximum UV control
  • Covers without lap or brush marks
  • Detergent and water clean up
  • EPA registered Wood Preservative.


  • To never require costly corn-cob removal
  • No lap or brush marks
  • Most complete exterior stain and finish product in a single coat application
  • Easiest product to apply

NBS 30 Additive

NBS 30 Additive, designed for use in exterior coatings, is a"green" insect NBS 30 additiverepellent. It will deter and inhibit insects from burrowing through or crawling on exterior coatings.


  • Available in doses suitable for five gallons and one gallon of stain for "time- release" insect repellent
  • Repels nuisance nesting insects
  • Discourages carpenter ants and bees from drilling
  • Reduces lady bug infestations
  • All natural ingredients will not harm plants
  • Low toxicity
  • Mixes easily with oil and water based paints, stains and plain water
  • Safe for pets and people


Outlast Deck Oil

Outlast Deck Oil is a clear exterior treatment specifically designed for pressure treated lumber and decking applications. It provides water repellency with one coat coverage. It offers unique flexibilty in terms of application temperature ranges; wood moisture content and delivery method. It meets all nationwide VOC requirements.

Benefits: Clear water repellent, controls nail popping, splitting, cupping, and warping, and promotes the natural "graying" of the wood color .


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